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George Klauba Tee

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THESE WILL BEGIN SHIPPING MID-NOVEMBER. *Shipping is included in price on all US Orders*

George Klauba//Hot Stuff Tattoo T-shirt featuring a large back print from the legendary George Tattoo. George is an icon in American tattooing and is still making incredible art and paintings to this day.

In his words…"Tattoos always fascinated me, and, after incorporating them into my art, I felt the need to go into the subject more deeply by becoming a tattooist myself, which led, in the mid-1970s, to an apprenticeship with Buddy McFall and Dale Grande at Cliff Raven's old shop on Belmont Avenue in Chicago.
As a tattooist, my aesthetics overshadowed my technical ability, but I held my own. By 1980, tattooing had become a dead-end for me, and I returned to fine art, which moved me on a deeper and more personal level. I retrospect, I could consider myself a 'George Plimpton of tattooing'.'

George Klauba's art can still be purchased and seen through

Half of the money from these t-shirts will go directly to George, and the rest will go to printing, shipping, and handling. This is a one time printing and these will not be printed again.

Shirts are printed on 100% cotton Comfort Colors tees. These are super soft, garment washed, with a broken-in feel.